2018 Beacon Health foundation Video Initiatives

  • 8-10 videos that show the human side to the organization.
  • Each video would highlight one story in 2min or less.
  • The aim is to celebrate the good that is happening within the organization as well as give donors a sense that their contribution is making a massive difference in enabling Beacon to take care of the community.
  • Videos would have a similar aesthetic and style throughout.



One of America's most recognized brands is showing the importance of highlighting the good that is happening all around.

Perfect example of highlighting a product and brand in a very human and emotional way. 

This is an amazing example of the power of visual storytelling. I wanted you guys to see this just to show how beautiful and simple this idea was and yet how much it can say with so little words.

Good example of a personal story for a corporate brand. This gets at the human side of why this company exist to help its customers.

Good example of how Starbucks is caring for it's empolyess in a way that doesn't seem boastful or prideful. 

Specific example from the Starbucks Upstanders series. This example is longer than what we would do but could serve as an example of a longer form story.